Monday, 18 February 2013


Doc Fester has asked a few questions in the comments of this post, so I thought I'd try to answer them in a post instead of comments to make them a bit more accessible.

Hope you don't mind, Pete :)

What do you think of a beamer setup for the outside view? I'm contemplating a single projector for forward view and possibly 2 monitors for left/right views. With an enclosed pit I just think it will give so much more realism. A single monitor IP for the guages, that's the idea anyhow!

I have a long term plan to build an enclosure and replace my current triple monitor setup with one of the following:

  • Three projectors giving a wide enough field of view to allow me to make side windows. I'm not sure if this is feasible given the available space.
  • One or more projectors for the main view and a monitor on either side as a side view, which is what you're suggesting.

Side windows are important to me as I spend a lot of time glancing to each side, particularly when in the circuit. At the moment I have to use the hat switch to shift the main view which ruins the immersion.

I haven't looked into it enough to advise you on the best solution, but most enclosed simpits I've seen make use of projectors so if you have the space and the money that's probably the way to go. Not sure if one will be enough though, but you might get away with it if you're using monitors for side views.

If you haven't already done so I suggest you ask in some of the forums, as there are plenty of people out there far more knowledgeable than me on the pros and cons of projectors :)

I have a few old keyboards knocking around and thinking of going down the keyboard emulator route for many of the on/off switches. I own a sign company so bespoke panels are no problem for me.

I've seen keyboards with labels stuck on the keys used as switch panels, and they will certainly do the job for little or no outlay.

However, I prefer the tactile feedback of flicking a switch to pressing a button and I also think that bespoke panels look so much better than a keyboard. If you can make your own panels so much the better as I found actually attaching the switches to the Bodnar card was really simple. I would definitely go for bespoke.

You have gone for the GoFlight kit, better than Saitek?

After extensive research I went for the GoFlight modules mainly because I prefer their looks over the larger Saitek modules. It made sense financially as well as you can pick them up second hand pretty cheaply, particularly the older black ones that I use

I can't say if they're better as I've never used the Saitek modules, but I'm very pleased with the GoFlight kit.

My yoke, pedals and throttle quadrants are all Saitek though, and they're great.

How easy is the process of ganging the saitek quadrants to share throttle pitch etc?

Dead simple. I got one quadrant with the yoke which plugs into it using a DIN type connector. The second quadrant has a standard USB connector so you can plug it in anywhere. FSX recognises it and you can configure the levers and switches either in FSX or using FSUIPC in the usual way.

Hope that helps. Happy to answer anything I can.



  1. Fantastic Dom,

    Yes I agree about the tactile feedback from flicking a switch and that's what I intended. Just need to grab one of these Bodnar cards I hear so much about.

    Glad you have started a Q&A section, very informative.



  2. The BU0836X is the one you want. The site is in my Links section.

    Let me know if you need any info.


  3. Well my cockpit is progressing and following your blog is making things easy for me! I picked up a couple of car seats from a mate for free so that was a good start. So far my hardware list includes Saitek yoke and throttle, GoFlight GF166A, GF46, RP48 and GF-LGT. Just got a 21" monitor for the instruments which brings me to another question.

    When you sit the instrument monitor atop the yoke it does seem very tall. I bought a widescreen to limit the height but you almost have peer over the top of the dash to see out. Maybe all will look ok when I get the outside view sorted but did you have the same problem?

    Also for the outside view would a 42" TV be any good or there a reason most people use the 3 monitor route?