Overhead Panel

Deciding where everything should go

Assembled and sprayed black

The wiring harness

 The Bodnar card that makes it all happen

The OEP in position with some quilted material pinned on either side. Once I'm happy with the individual switch panels I will have them made up in acrylic by a local sign maker shop.

Radio Stack

FSX in action

RealityXP Gauges Test

Centre pedestal progress

A good weekend's work

Preparing to trim 10cm off the back.

Quite a straight cut for me.
Reassembled with a base. 10cm thinner and much more stable.

With the MIP supports. The brackets are much neater than the battens I was using before.   

I cut a lot of holes for wiring.

Putting it all back together in the attic.

Phase 1 pictures: a bit of trial and error

The main supports and back.

The hole for the pedals.

The top.
The supports for the instrument monitor on either side of the yoke enclosure.

A lot of work still to do.

Looking over the MIP at the outside view monitors.

I had to cut a hole to allow the pedals to sit far enough back for comfort.

Trying to decide the best layout for the switch panels.

Behind the scenes. On the right are the three outside view monitors, up on books until I can get the height right. In the foreground is the Leo Bodnar BU0836X card.

The yoke is tucked in under the instrument monitor.

Rear of the instrument monitor, above the yoke.

Testing the engine start panel, eventually destined for the overhead.

The excellent BU0836X interface card.
I picked up this 7 port mains powered USB hub for £20 from PC World.

My real world GPS, which connects to FSX via FSUIPC.


  1. Hey Dom. Nice work! I've purchased the LB card as well, but I'm getting confused what type of switches to get for them. As I'm building a G1000 based cockpit, I like to get a lot of push buttons.

    Where did you get your information how to set up the correct switches with the card?

    Thanks mate. Vince

  2. Hi Dom.

    I read your blog with big attention because I'm trying to make an home cockpit for the Learjet 45.
    You can follow up my progress in my blog:
    You're doing a great job...and I hope we could keep in touch to exchange infos, advices, opinions, etc etc about it.

    Sorry for my English but I'm an italian guy :)