Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Saving panel position on second monitor

I use this process to avoid having to undock and drag panels to my instrument monitor every time I fly.

  • Start FSX.
  • Go to Free Flight.
  • Select the aircraft, aerodrome, weather and time I want.
  • Start the flight.
  • Alt-Enter to windowed mode.
  • Bring up the instrument panel I want. This varies from plane to plane. For example, aircraft with IFR panels like the default C172 and Baron are excellent, but others like the good old Goose have a lot of blank space for the outside view. If, like me, you are using multiple monitors for the outside view you will probably need to edit each aircraft's panel.cfg file to get the panels to display correctly.
  • Undock the panel and drag it to the second monitor.
  • Save the flight.

I've done this for all my favourite aircraft, so when I want to fly I just load the saved flight for the aircraft I want and use the menu to move it to another airport if necessary.

I use the following convention for naming the saved flight, so they're always at the top of the list and easy to find:

000 Type Location

000 C172 EGBW

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