Sunday, 16 September 2012

EGBW visit

If you want a decent fry up there are few better places than an airfield caff. I took the family over to my local field, Wellesbourne Mountford (EGBW), for lunch. We sat outside next to the taxiway and watched the planes landing and taking off on runway 23 while demolishing a full English.

I took my crappy old airband radio and tuned into Wellesbourne Information (125.025) so we could listen to the chatter. Hugo and I really enjoyed ourselves, and the girls at least had a nice meal out of it!

Afterwards we popped into my old club at South Warwickshire Fying School and I had a chat about what it would take to renew my PPL. As I thought, I'll need a class 2 medical, a few hours refresher training and a flight test.

I'll have to think about this. Flying is not a cheap hobby, and if I'm going to start again I want to make sure I'll get enough out of it to warrant the expense.

The kids sat in my favourite Cessna 152, G-BHUI, although Bea was more interested in Pussycat, the club cat.

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