Friday, 21 September 2012

DC-3 startup and weekend plans

Not much to report today.

I started on the lighting panel but ran out of switches. I really should start ordering them in bulk online rather than spending 5 times as much per switch at Maplin.

The engine start and management panels are working brilliantly, but I can already see some areas for improvement.

I spent last night obsessing over the correct startup procedure for the DC-3. I found this video, and then these notes which seem to be describing the same procedure.

The problem is that the default FSX DC-3 doesn't have a mesh switch, and I don't know what the energiser and engage switches are. Perhaps Jean-Luc Picard could tell me.

I might get hold of the MAAM or Just Flight DC-3s to see whether their panels are any more realistic. It needs more research first though, before I start splashing the cash.

I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend, weather and family permitting. I want to take the cockpit apart and trim some depth off it, then reassemble it with a base and some right angle brackets to give it more stability. I'm also hoping to build the centre and left hand consoles, which should also help reduce the wobbles. (The wobbles aren't that bad, but I want it as steady as a rock.)

If I have time I'll try to knock up a proper shelf for the 3 monitors. At the moment they're on piles of books and not at all even.

That's a lot to do - let's see how far I get.

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  1. I get the impression that method of starting the DC3 isn't the original manufacturers one, but a 'field expedient' improvisation to reduce wear/backfires. Dunno if the default FSX bird is going to support it.